This page has many common questions that we get at the Marshalltown Water Works. If you don't see the answer to your question, feel free to contact our office or click on the link to send an e-mail question.


I received a letter or notice in the mail regarding Exterior Water Service Line Coverage.  What does this mean?

S The notices are not sanctioned by Marshalltown Water Works (MWW).

S The notice appears to be a solicitation for a type of insurance that pays for water service line repairs.

S The property owner does own and is responsible for maintaining the water service line from the street into their house.

S Homes constructed after 1946 should have a copper water service which is less likely to need repairs unless it is located in the home’s driveway.

S MWW cannot comment on the validity or the appropriateness of this coverage.  It is up to each property owner to determine if this insurance program is right for them and their individual circumstances.


What is the source of Marshalltown's water?

Marshalltown Water Works uses 10 wells for our source water.  Using groundwater assures an excellent and consistent water quality.

When is the Water Works open?

The Water Works office is open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. excluding holidays.


How often am I billed for water?

The Marshalltown Water Works reads your meter and sends a bill every two months.


My water bill has been significantly higher this last month. Why?

The main reason for an increased water bill is a leak somewhere in the house.  One of the most common leaks we have found is in a toilet. Even if you can't hear the toilet running, it can still be leaking water.  You can simply place blue food coloring in the upper tank of your toilet.  Then wait about five minutes and see if the blue color shows up in the bowl.   If it does, you have a leak that should be repaired.  You can contact a plumber to make repairs or get a new valve kit at your local hardware store.  Dripping faucets may also cause an increase to your bill.  You would be surprised how many gallons of water are wasted in this way.  In the summer when watering the lawn and filling the swimming pools, customers may see an increase in water consumption.   

If you still haven't found a leak, you can do this little test to see if there is indeed a leak somewhere.  Find your water meter and write down the numbers.  Make sure you don't use any water for a few hours (overnight would be good).  Check the meter again and see if it has changed.  If it has, there is a leak somewhere and you may need to call a plumber to find it.  

Here are some average water usage's that might be helpful:

Shower - 25-50 gallons (2.5 gallons/minute)
Bath - 36 gallons (full tub)
Toilet flush - 1.6 gallons (5-7 gallons with older toilets!)
Dish washing - 20 gallons (tap running)
Automatic dishwasher - 12 gallons (full cycle)
Clothes washer - 30-60 gallons (full cycle)
Outdoor watering - 5-10 gallons per minute

Interesting Web Page About Water Usage From AWWA

What is a stop box?

Stop boxes allow MWW employees to turn off the water to your home.  Most often, this is done at the homeowner's request so plumbing repairs can be made, when someone is vacationing and wants the water service shut off, or when moving out.  The stop box as well as the service line from the home to the water main is owned by the homeowner.  If either is broken or not operable, the homeowner is responsible for the repairs.


I'm moving next month. How much notice do you need to turn off my water service?

We can generally schedule a turn off within one day.  The exception to this may be the first and last working days of the month.  If you are moving to another address in town, please make arrangements for water service at your new address prior to the day you will need water service.  You will need to visit our office to sign a service contract for water service at your new address.


If I see water in the street, who should I call?

Please call our office at 753-7913 or after hours call 753-3997.


We are without water and don't know why.

The most common reason for being without water is due to a water main break.  However, anytime you are without water and don't know why, please contact the Water Works at 753-7913.  They may ask the following questions.

S Are you aware if any of your neighbors have the same problem?

S When did you first experience this problem?

S Are the valves turned on at your water meter?

S Do you live in a mobile home park?  If so, your problems may be the responsibility of the owner or manager.  You will need to contact them directly.

S Do you live in an apartment?  If so, you should contact the manager to learn if they are doing any plumbing work within the building.


I see water in the street that has not dried up and it hasn't rained for a while.  Is this a water leak?

If you suspect a water leak on the distribution system, contact the water works at 753-7913.  After hours you can contact our treatment plant at 753-3997.  We can come out and test the water to see if it a leak or just ground water.  Even cracks in the street that do not seem to dry up could be a main break.




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