Customer Service


Signing On

Each customer, new or transferring from another address must sign a service contract. New customers must pay a deposit for water and sewer based on one average bill for the number of occupants or provide a credit reference from another utility with one year of excellent credit history. These deposits will be refunded after a two year period if no penalties have been applied to the account.


The utility bill is sent bimonthly and contains charges for water, sewer, storm sewer, and landfill.  In addition to our normal bimonthly billing, we offer monthly budget billing.  We also offer “bank billing” where you authorize your bank to pay your water bill.

The rates for the Marshalltown Water Works are outlined in the 2019 Rates page.  The water portion of your bill is calculated by applying the current water rate to the actual water usage, measured in 100 cubic feet, plus the base charge according to meter size. The sewer, storm sewer, and landfill portions of the bill are all regulated by the Marshalltown City Council.


Water meters are located inside, however in most cases there is a touch pad attached to the outside of the building that is used to get the reading from the meter for billing.  This touch pad is a black rectangular or oval receptacle with a raised circle in the center.  A wire connects the meter and the touch pad.  An electronic device is used by our meter readers to capture a reading from the water meter through the touch pad.  This reading is then downloaded into our billing software for billing.  If the touch pad or wires become damaged, torn off, removed, etc., the home owner may be liable for the cost of repair.  If for some reason you need the touch pad moved (i.e. residing your house) just call the Water Works and they can move it for you.

Shutting Off Water

If you are leaving for the winter, moving, selling, or for some other reason you need your water turned off, be sure to call the Water Works office with enough advance notice to ensure a scheduled time for the turn off. The Water Works will turn the water off at your curb stop, but the customer is responsible for winterizing the property if needed.